Pulled Pork

W/sweet-chili mayo topped w/ tropical slaw on brioche
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"...among the other menu items, pulled pork, grilled cheese and sloppy joes are examples of aronoff's creativity in taking fairly standard american fare and reinventing it in a cuban context..."
- Metrotimes
"...about ann arbor restaurants chicagoland restaurants mentions travel clovereats: aromatic pulled pork at frita batidos i did a quick snapshot post on frita batidos back when i first came to ann arbor, but despite frequenting it quite often throughout the years ive lived here, i somehow never dedicated a full photo shoot to it...feeling like this was much overdue, kevin and i stopped by for a delicious lunch featuring their summer special, an aromatic pulled pork with tropical cole slaw and chili mayo...the first time i had this, i could not believe how soft and tender the pulled pork was...it melted in my mouth, leaving in its wake a flavor that washed over me, forever changing the way i look at pulled pork...related tags: ann arbor, ann arbor restaurants, batidos, clovereats, cuban, eve, eve aronoff, food, food photography, frita, frita batidos, le cordon bleu, photography, restaurant reviews, street food 3 thoughts on clovereats: aromatic pulled pork at frita batidos thefoodandwinehedonist on july 19, 2014 at 7:20 am said: havent been there in a while, will have to change that...her pulled pork is to die for...coconut rice lime cilantro salsa tropical slaw cheese beans and for me i always had her add pulled pork or cuban sloppy joe..."
- Clover Eats!
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