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"...-in addition to the #1 best philly cheese steak award, they have also won the best pork sandwich award and the james beard award for culinary excellence...philly cheese steak with provolone and sauteed onions ($8.75) like the aforementioned pork sammy, the cheesesteak was moist and pillowy inside and had a nice crusty bite around the edge..."
- Abbey's Kitchen
"...who makes the best cheesesteak aka cheese steak in the philadelphia area..."
- Philly Food and Beer
"...this blog will provide reviews of the best cheese steak places in philadelphia...johns was also voted number one for best pork sandwich in 2000 and best philly cheese steak in 2002 by the philadelphia inquirer...i recently ate both a roast pork and a philly cheese steak there...johns roast pork philly cheese steak is a very solid sandwich...the bread would be one of the downfalls of this cheese steak...the ideal best philly cheese steak would have a soft italian roll with a lightly glazed golden color...i dont know but a soft roll makes a cheese steak tastes better (in most experts opinion including famed joey vento)...overall, this sandwich is very good but i vote johns roast pork philly cheese steak a yellow light...inside the shop, the grill appears very dirty compared to many other famous cheese steak joints...johns does have an excellent roast pork and philly cheese steak but i am voting them a yellow light (proceed with caution) because i am a little leery about their overall cleanliness...i do like many other cheese steak places though...if that is not a cheese steak fan then i don't know what is...hopefully, this blog can serve to make positive changes for the sanitary issues of many philly cheese steak and fast food places...what is your favorite philly cheese steak place?replydelete philly steaksseptember 3, 2012 at 3:20 am i agree with above comment..."
- Best Philly Cheese Steaks
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