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"...first look: the new olive oil tasting menu at maialino feb 20, 2013 1:30pm jacqueline raposo contributor note: first looks give previews of new dishes, drinks, and menus we're curious about...so when we were tipped off that nick will soon be unveiling an olive oil tasting menu, we had a feeling something serious was coming..."i think olive oil is one of those things that oftentimes gets taken for granted...so we figured we'd take that archivist approach to olive oil." evidently this time of year is just right for opening this exploration to guests at maialino, too, as "olio nuovo" is bottled from oils pressed in december, and the range of flavors particular to their terroir is most evident...and as olive oil doesn't get better with age but rather mellows out (nick won't use an oil that's older than a year), nabbing fresh oil is key...while dessert currently includes fior di latte gelato "drowning" in a fresh, green olive oil, pairing oils with food isn't the goal..."
- Serious Eats
"...the olive oil cake is my go-to year round, and in the summer the granita di caff is ideal for hot and humid days..."
- Serious Eats
"...we decided to move it up the list when we saw their olive oil cake and chocolate croissant bread pudding on the show unique sweets...but don't worry, we found some replacements...first was the olive oil cake called torta di olio doliva that we wanted anyway to try: it was served with a cream made of vanilla beans and mascarpone...you do not taste the olive oil, but it gives a nice constancy to the cake, probably replacing some, if not all, of the butter..."
- I just want to eat!
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